ANDREA BAATZ (Bohemia, New York) 
Culled and Desensitized by Andrea Baatz, 2015, lithograph
C.A.F.O. by Andrea Baatz, 2015, lithograph 

Repeatedly inspired by human relationships with nonhuman nature, I am investigating various agricultural practices in my most recent series. I am particularly interested in the ways that humans are both victims and perpetuators of the food production industry. We survive off the meat industry's cruel and wasteful system, but on the other hand, our societal expectations and consumerism cause us to feel trapped in our own theoretical cages. I develop images based on research and personal experience. These images aid me in asking questions about the more complex issues of morality, empathy, and the structure of our society. I hope that my work creates a therapeutic emotional experience and a platform for discussion of these related topics.