Paying Your Entry Fee...


Entry Fees accepted via Debit, Credit Card, or Paypal.
[A friend can use their Paypal Account to pay if they
enter your name in the space in drop-down menu.]

Above the the "PAY NOW" button [below],
Click small arrow in drop-down menu,
to select amount of images you want to enter.
Then click the "PAY NOW" button.

Look for "Art & Science Collaborations" at top this page
[you are now in our Paypal Account].
Scroll-down to near bottom left of page where it says:
"Pay with Debit or Credit Card" [a grey horizontal line area]
or, You can also Login to your Paypal Account above that area.

Fill-in your information and follow instructions.
You will get a Receipt from Paypal almost immediately & so will we.  In the 19-years using Paypal, we have NEVER had a complaint.

Entry Fee Options
Paying for someone else?

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