PAT BADANI (Chicago, Illinois)
Climate-Friendly Protein, 2015-2016, an edible sculpture & its recipe

Climate-Friendly Protein by Pat Badani, 2015-2016, an edible sculpture & its recipe

My artwork, Climate-Friendly Protein, depicts a meal I created inspired by the global food movement’s rising interest in substituting insects for animal protein. As the largest terrestrial biomass on Earth (and lower in the food chain), insects are considered an alternative source of nutrition: a sustainable food of the future, good for the environment… and delicious, too. This artwork is part of my project Comestible – an unconventional recipe book. Melding together elements ranging from poetry to children’s rhymes to informed psychobabble, recipes like Climate-Friendly Protein are ironic propositions that depart from culinary instructions typically found in “how to” cookbooks. Rather, my texts explore current societal trends over ‘what we eat’ and by organizing my recipes under headings found in pharmaceutical products (Ingredients, Directions, Uses, and Warnings), I imply that food is seen as a "prescription" for health.


As an interdisciplinary artist, my work has evolved over time. The majority of my work focuses on the 
environment, nature or natural elements in the environment. My work also explores connections; 
connections between the natural world and the human body, connections in the environment and the human-to-human 
connection through the use of various technologies. Through this exploration, much of my work takes aspects 
of nature, science, or society that might typically be unseen by the human eye and brings these aspects into 
the normal visual plane. 

"PerchBerry" captures unique aspects of the natural world that also happen to be what sustains us, our food. By seeing these aspects in a new way and with a different perspective, new connections can be made and an enhanced appreciation or awareness can be achieved.