MARY JOHNSON (Beijing, China)

Garden of Blastomycodon by Mary Johnson, 2013, spinach dye, yellow beet dye, turmeric dye, pomegranate, cherries, digitally-altered photographs, acetone photograph transfer, colored pencil, and ink on paper

I use food as a primary medium to connect to the viewers’ corporeality. Food’s ability to be at once both sensual and revolting is a direct result of its connection to the mouth, the stomach, and the mind. This physicality makes it an ideal conduit to discuss the overlaps, muddles, and gaps between seduction and disgust; the perceived and the fantastical.

In my artwork, organic dyes made from the vegetal, as well as digitally-altered images of said organic material, are arranged as "still lifes" reminiscent of the Flemish tradition. Traditional drawing materials are utilized to create images that purposefully distort the space between the experience and the image. The line between the actual, the image, the altered image and between materials becomes so blurred, the viewer remains in a state confusion.