Science Inspires Art: OCEAN
19th international, art-sci juried exhibition
organized by Art & Science Collaborations 
to be held at the New York Hall of Science
September 16, 2017 - February 25, 2018

Diana Moore is Curator, Marie L. Matthews Gallery at the Johnson Education Center of the D&R Greenway Land Trust, Princeton, New Jersey
John Stegeman is Senior Scientist and Director of the Center of Ocean and Human Health at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, in Massachusettes


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Diana Moore, Curator
D&R Greenway Art Galleries, Princeton, NJ


John Stegeman, Senior Scientist & Director 

the Center of Ocean and Human Health 

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA



OCEAN -- she remains enigmatic even though she was here eons before us. Historians and economists see her as a “super-highway” for transporting cultures and goods, fishermen made livelihoods from her bounty, and writers and poets have memorialized her merciless storms and other-worldly creatures. But most of us know ocean from personal experience -- her photo-worthy sunsets and buoyant waters, waves to play in and salty fresh air, seashells for collecting, and the sounds of sea birds.

Today’s ecologists know our global ocean from the life-sustaining services she provides us-- every second breath of oxygen we take, all the fresh water we require (hydrologic cycle), her regulation of our planet’s temperature and weather patterns, and her important food source of fish.

Unfortunately, for over a decade, scientists have also been reporting on changes that threaten ocean’s health: bleaching corals, ocean acidification, over-fishing, ocean plastics, and endangered marine species.

Based on new scientific information and your personal experiences, we are asking artists and scientists to help create a new public perception of ocean by sharing creative visions of our deep connections to her, the health issues she faces and/or possible solutions, and feelings she inspires in us.