KAZUMA SAMBE (Tucson, Arizona)
From Cradle to the Shipment by Kazuma Sambe, 2016, ceramic sculpture

Neighbors by Kazuma Sambe, 2016, ceramic sculpture

Advertising culture manipulates and distorts reality to stimulate consumers’ imagination and turn its products into hope and satisfaction. My art is created through "cooking a culture" as the main "recipe ingredient." It is seasoned with my Japanese cultural black humor, such as island psychology, an illusion of democracy, and self-torment. Such intense seasoning would make a dish horrible nutritionally, yet oddly attractive to my tongue. The cuisine of these artworks utilized pigs and roosters as major ingredient and symbols of consumerism, for their lives on farms corresponds to that of us in consumer society. The addition of packaging suggests their life as commodity and that our lives can be bought as consumable, while the lives are all only one for us.

Website:  www.kazumasambeceramics.com