MICHELE PARLIAMENT (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Organic Farmer by Michele Parliament, 2013, digital collage

Farmers have always been the masters of their domain. In earlier times, they solely relied on the weather and soil conditions to successfully grow their crops. Scientific and technological advancements made a huge impact on how farming was done. Biological engineering and machinery lessened the fails in agriculture and opened the world to bigger and better meats and produce.

Today, "organic" is the buzzword. Surprisingly, the trend started in the late 1920’s. In some ways farming has gone back to its roots. Again, science and technology were in play, finding efficient and healthier processes while retaining a great deal of control by the farmer. Economic productivity has exploded for the organic farmer of today as well.

Old-timey ideals and contemporary knowledge continue to harmonize the landscapes of farming and shape consumerism into a more resourceful way of life.

Website:  https://www.artsinmilwaukee.org/profiles/1219