JUNI KUSUMANTO  (Roosendaal, Netherlands)

We by Juni Kusumanto, 2016, fineliner pencil on paper

My work of art depicts Moringa oleifera, a fast-growing and drought-resistant tree to be found in the tropics and, given its nutrient density, often hailed as 'superfood'. Relatively recently, Moringa made entry into modern production of food supplements and health products. In my work, the tree symbolises a way of living and of relating to one another which is characterised with morality, modesty and empathy for those in need. The 3-angular seedpods, three trees and three feet that I have created denote solidness and resilience for adapting to changing circumstances, yet without disadvantaging other living beings. The number ‘3’here represents here a continuous striving towards righteousness and prudence. In facing food insecurities in context of environmental challenges such as climate change, science must seek apt solutions that are close to nature without harming it or life itself.

Website:  http://www.jpkusumanto.nl