Tuberculosis On The Horizon by Debra Bianculli, 2012, oil & acrylic on canvas
Drug Cycle by Debra Bianculli, 2012, acrylic & watercolor on canvas

What You See/What You Get by Debra Bianculli, 2016, acrylic on canvas

My paintings reflect my concern about current human health issues associated with our food production systems:

Tuberculosis on the Horizon illustrates the overuse of antibiotics in the meat industry that has led to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that make treating human illness more difficult. The drugs are added to the feed and water of animals that are not sick in order to prevent diseases caused by overcrowded and unsanitary CAFO conditions.

Drug Cycle also addresses antibiotic resistance in our foods. The GI tract is loosely painted in watercolor to somewhat simulate a colorful MRI reading. There are floating line drawings of burgers in glittery white watercolor that peek in and out of the intestines, with an overlapping circular cutaway depicting Escherichia coli that damages the DNA of bowel cells.

What You See/What You Get looks at the pervasive application of sprayed chemicals that saturate not only the pests they intend on eradicating, but the crop, soil and neighboring organisms that are in the path of runoff.