CHANTAL LEFEBVRE  (Montreal, Canada)

Popular Grocery 2030 by Chantal Lefebvre, 2016, mixed-media on paper

Overpopulation will transform our current eating habits, in some cases, profoundly. As global demand for meat soars, so too will the cost - conceivably doubling within the next decade. Cost-effective alternatives to traditional protein sources will become necessary. Popular Grocery 2030 is, above all, a light-hearted reflection on insects: Which ones North American consumers might choose to eat? What food products might compliment bees? What about Ladybugs? Spiders? While other alternatives are explored, my favorite solution is to eat insects. They are plentiful, quick to cultivate, and easy to prepare. Plus, they are very resilient and can withstand any apocalyptic assault on the earth. It stands to reason that we could rely on them as a source of food, and as an alternative to traditional meat sources that require a lot more natural resources. I ate fried cicadas by choice in China and look forward to the day they appear on my supermarket's shelves.